Carwashes For Sale

Why own a car wash?

Besides being a predominantly cash business with (no accounts receivable), there are many great advantages in owning a car wash.
Technological advancements make it possible to run your carwash remotely meaning you get to enjoy a life/work balance that others only dream of. Add to this the low overheads with inventory, super automation (some auto washes can process up to 100 cars per hour) and the increase in car wash prices per year compared to fixed overheads, owning a car wash can result in lucrative profits with minimum effort. If you are a first time buyer, Carwash Sales Australia can advise you from the very basics on how a car wash operates to how to optimise the site with machine upgrades and products to increase bottom line profits. With their industry experience, Carwash Sales Australia can advise you on the right kind of car wash and equipment that best suits your needs.
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