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Originating from a motor vehicle sales background Steve has over 40 years’ experience in both the sales and carwash industries. It was while he was operating a successful motor vehicle dealership that Steve had his first dealings with the car wash industry.
About Car Wash Sales Australia

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Carwash Sales Australia is a licensed real estate broker specialising in the sale, leasing, design and construction of carwashes.

They know what makes a successful car wash as they have been passionately involved in the carwash industry for over 20 years. Having owned and operated multiple successful car wash sites, they will not only focus on the needs of both the buying and selling of car wash businesses and bringing both parties together to complete the transaction quickly and easily, but also to assist owners improve their business by offering expert industry knowledge through their Carwash Consultancy Service.

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Carwash Sales Australia is committed to offering its clients a professional and friendly service that is founded upon their industry expertise and practical knowledge of the car wash business.
Furthermore, they are nationwide selling agents (not listing agents) who are licensed to operate in all states and territories of Australia and New Zealand. When you market your carwash with Carwash Sales Australia, you can rest assured that the right people will know about it as a result of their comprehensive database. Their matter-of-fact, no fuss, expert negotiation skills will consistently deliver the best possible outcome for all stakeholders involved.
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